Ongoing Projects

The Emergence Series

The Emergence Series is our team’s campaign to do a space-shot by 2024. A space-shot is characterized by reaching or surpassing the Kármán line, which is 62 miles above sea level. Integral to reaching this goal is developing our Student Researched and Designed (SRAD) solid motor capabilities and creating innovative solutions to optimize our airframe, avionics, and recovery systems for such heights.


Emergence I was the first step in our pursuit of reaching the Kármán line. This rocket had an SRAD 98mm motor using our Angry Listerine propellant blend. This rocket was flown in Springfield, OH, and reached an apogee of 14,244 ft.


Emergence II features a sub-minimum diameter 152 mm SRAD motor, again using the Angry Listerine propellant. This rocket was flown at Friends of Amateur Rocketry (FAR) in Mojave, California, and reached an apogee of 21,964 ft.

The I Promise Project

The I Promise Project is our partnership with the I Promise School in Akron, OH to promote rocketry and STEM to middle-school students. Our team has a dedicated outreach program with the school, and the students get opportunities to provide input and make decisions for The I Promise Rocket. When the rocket is ready to be painted, all the students from our outreach program will get to have their handprint painted on the rocket. All of this is done in an effort to grow their curiosity in STEM concepts early on in their education.

Two-Stage Demonstrator

The two-stage demonstrator was our team’s first successful two-stage rocket. Its purpose was to verify our two-stage modular airframe design, vehicle stability, as well as stage separation and motor ignition avionics. It carried our Radio Telemetry System (RTS) which allowed us to see sensor data in real-time at our ground station. This rocket was 14′ tall and reached an apogee of 9,786 ft. It was flown at Tripoli Mid-Ohio in Springfield, Ohio.

The I Promise Rocket

The I Promise Rocket is our team’s entry in the 2022 Spaceport America Cup. It is a 22′, two-stage rocket expected to reach ~30k altitude. It will be powered by our 152 mm SRAD booster motor and a commercial sustainer motor. This rocket will also carry our Submerged Data Concentrator Unit (SDCU) payload, which will demonstrate a submerged cooling loop on a data collection computer cluster. It will be flown in Truth or Consequences, NM in June of 2022.