The Akronauts are proud to announce that we have been accepted into the 2018 NASA Student Launch Initiative! After placing 13th overall last year, we are now more eager than ever to take on this year’s new challenges!

Altitude: 5,280 ft              Payload: Autonomous Rover


Apart from the motor, the entire launch vehicle and its components will be designed, tested, and fabricated by our students.

Length: 83 inches                    Dry Weight: 38 lbs              Wet Weight: 46 lbs


The objective of the rover challenge is to deploy a rover from the internal structure of the launch vehicle that is then able to autonomously navigate 5 feet away from the landing site of the vehicle and deploy a solar panel. 

Weight: 5 lbs              Length: 12in


Continuing the running streak of great student-made recovery systems, the Akronauts will design and sew our own parachutes. At apogee, a drogue parachute will be deployed via a black powder ejection system to slow the descent of the vehicle to approximately 150ft/s. At 750ft, the main parachute will be pulled out of the air-frame by the drogue parachute, slowing the rocket to a descent of 13ft/s.