Our Leadership

Executive Board

Riley Myers, President
Dillon Petty, Vice President
Nicole Zimmerli, Treasurer
Jon Spencer, Safety Officer
Ryan Dippolito, Chief Mechanical Eng.
Lance Rosko, Chief Electrical Eng.
Jonathan Davis, Project Manager

System Managers

Josh Newell, Administrative Systems Manager
Aaron Hoffman, Innovative Systems Manager
Jakub “Kuba” Sychla, Structures Systems Manager
Sarah Robinson, Propulsion Systems Manager



Ana Almeida, Marketing
Jenice Mario, Environmental Health and Safety
Tim Fornadel, Environmental Health and Safety
Kendall Werschey, Outreach
Hannah Ault, Infrastructure
Clare Wilson, Infrastructure
Jonny Armbrust, Infrastructure

Innovative Systems

Josh Slivka, Avionics
Dimitry Melnikov, Avionics, NanoSat
Nathan Smith, Recovery
Crystel Thome, Recovery
Trey Glass, Payload
Jason Creemers, Payload
Henry Allen, Payload, NanoSat
Lane Cline, NanoSat


Eric Hartman, Vehicle Design
Dale Chenoweth, Vehicle Design, Composites
Logan Dillner, Composites
Daniel Montano-Lobe, Flight Simulations and Analysis, Manufacturing
Tara Mathie, Manufacturing
Andrew Fuller, Structural Testing


Luke Paquette, Liquids Integration
Seth Arkwright, Liquids Integration
Ana Almeida, Liquids R&D
Julia Carano, Liquids R&D, Solids Integration
Corbin Lauvray, Solids R&D, Solids Integration
Gemini Ramlo, Solids R&D
Andrew Fuller, Solids R&D
Chris Griggy, Control Systems
Noah Jones, Control Systems