The Avionics team designs custom computer systems. To date, they have created data collection/telemetry units and WiFi-enabled computers for our rockets.


Our Payload team designs and builds an independent functional system to fly in our rockets. Their designs range from rovers, drones, 360-degree cameras, and more.


Recovery designs the systems involving the rocket’s descent. They design and make their own parachutes, and design the parachute deployment mechanisms. They also are developing an automated guided recovery system.

Vehicle Design

The vehicle design team designs and builds the airframe of the rocket, including the modular connections and fin assemblies. They also integrate structural components of other subteams into the rocket.

Flight simulation and analysis

Flight dynamics and analysis uses in-house and off-the-shelf simulations to predict flight performance. They also perform CFD and stress analysis on various components to optimize designs.


Manufacturing trains its members to use the machine shop facilities here at Akron. This includes training for operating lathes and end mills, CNC training, and welding training.

Solid Propulsion

The solid propulsion team focuses on researching and designing solid-fueled motors. This includes mixing their propellant blends, manufacturing motor components, static fire testing, and then flying the motor at our launches.

Liquid Propulsion

Liquid propulsion designs and tests liquid-fueled rocket engines. They are working on the team’s first liquid engine, and are in a testing campaign of their design. Following this, the engine will be integrated and flown in a rocket.