Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join a Design Team?

A design team allows you to gain hands-on experience that you won’t get in the classroom. They are also a great resume builder and have amazing opportunities for leadership! Plus, all of the design teams travel for their competitions.

Why should I join Akronauts as opposed to other design teams on campus?

You are more than welcome to join more than 1 design team! Every design team has its own strengths depending on your tastes. The Akronauts offer something unique: Welcome 101 Courses. In these member-led courses, we teach our team valuable skills such as SolidWorks, Arduino, Public Speaking, Resume Building, and others. We also pride ourselves in our ability to train and teach members who have little to no experience in rocketry.

Do you only allow engineering majors on the team?

Not at all! We pride ourselves in our diversity. We have members with majors ranging from Aerospace Systems, Graphic Design, and even Public Relations! Think of the Akronauts like a business; we have members in charge of our advertisement, budget, product design, product manufacturing, and even our website!

So, do you actually make rockets?

We sure do! Our rockets vary in their capabilities, but the competitions we participate in have rockets that can reach mach 2 (that’s 2 times the speed of sound!) and can reach heights of 30,000 feet (that’s higher than Mt. Everest!)

I’m a freshman. Will I get to do anything?

The Akronauts allow EVERY student to gain hands-on experience. Your amount of involvement is entirely up to you. All members’ opinions, experience, and knowledge are valued. We have even had freshman assigned to leadership roles in their first semester on the team due to their involvement.

I’m a senior. Is there a point in joining now?

It is NEVER too late to join! We pride ourselves in diversity and accept members of all different education levels! As a senior your college classes may task you with a portfolio if you’re an art major, a capstone if you’re an education major, or a senior design project if you’re an engineering major. With the Akronauts, you have access to build your portfolio, add material to your capstone, or even create a senior design project that can be implemented onto the rocket!

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