Educational Outreach

Students analyzing their experimental results
A student takes a measurement for a catapulting experiment.

Educational engagement continues to be at the forefront of the Akronaut’s mission. In the city of Akron, a city founded and grown on innovation, the Akronauts value the opportunity to continue a thriving STEM tradition. The team seeks to inspire and equip future generations with the knowledge and passionate curiosity to continue to move the aerospace industry forward.

NIHF STEM Middle School

This year, the Akronauts are partnering with the National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM Middle School, where 5th graders will be building rockets. Team members will demonstrate the concepts of physics, more specifically, how forces and motion in flight affect rockets. Members will also engage the students in specific fields of engineering, by providing them with technical challenges in mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering that are relevant to rocket technology.

University of Akron Ex[L] Center

One of the University of Akron’s most recent additions is the Experiential Learning Center for Entrepreneurial & Civic Engagement. The Ex[L] Center provides students with unique education opportunities often not available in a traditional classroom environment. Their goal is “to enable students to emerge as civically engaged, skilled and adaptable leaders, ready to take on realworld challenges.”

Judith Resnik Community Learning Center

Located in West Akron, the Judith Resnik Community Learning Center is a well-known Akron elementary school. The CLC was named for astronaut Judy Resnik, an Akron native killed on the Challenger explosion. The Akronauts are currently seeking to partner with the Judith Resnik CLC to coordinate a similar program that will be carried out at the NIHF Middle School. Evaluation will be conducted as students achieve silver, gold and platinum status. A case study will be completed along with the Educational Engagement Activity Report.

If you would like to partner with the Akronauts to promote further STEM outreach within the community, please contact us; we would love to hear from you!